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Kimberly Daingkau-Begay

Office:  520.696.4088 | NJOMA Cell: 918.304.0200


Arizona JOM Forum

In a collaborative effort between the National Johnson O’Malley Association (NJOMA) Region 1 Representative and the Arizona Department of Education, a state-wide forum for Johnson O’Malley (JOM) support was started with a virtual kick-off held in January 2022. We are continuing the Arizona wide JOM forum that will be held quarterly. The overall purpose of this forum is to provide an opportunity for all JOM contractors in Arizona to unite and discuss any challenges with JOM, gain guidance, and share best practices. The collaborative efforts will create a united and consistent support structure for Arizona Indigenous students. The goal is to identify and support all eligible JOM students in Arizona. The objective is using this forum to collect and share information to assist in the effective management of JOM programs. Each quarterly forum is recorded to document the needs of JOM contractors, and the guidance provided by participants, NJOMA, and the Bureau of Indian Education (BIE). Although the forum is geared towards the JOM contractors, all stakeholders in Indian Education are welcome to attend.

Scheduled Meetings:

Arizona Johnson O’Malley (JOM) Quarterly Forum
Hosted by NJOMA Region 1

July 18 - IN PERSON | Wildhorse Pass Conference Center, Phoenix, AZ

October 24 | 9:00 am - 12:00 pm (AZ)

AZ Forum Contact Form

If you are interested in receiving future JOM forum information and meeting invites, please fill out the JOM Forum Contact Information form. This is the only source of contacts that will be used to send forum calendar invites and relevant data. 

​​AZ JOM Quarterly Forum Virtual Recordings and Padlet Link

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2022 Quarterly Meetings

AZ Forum Resources

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Arizona Wakelet Toolkits
A Wakelet was created to share tips and best practices for JOM programs. These toolkit resources provide a supply of assets that can be drawn on by JOM entities in order to function more effectively. Please Note: The resources in the toolkits  are a collection of resources for JOM participants to select and use at their discretion. They are not directives from NJOMA. Each JOM program is unique and the purpose of the toolkits is to provide options. The toolkits are created through collaborative efforts with JOM stakeholders. If there are resources you use or tips that have helped you with your JOM program, please send to

Wakelet Toolkit Topics **UNDER CONSTRUCTION**

  1. Indigenous Education Resources
  2. Allowable Cost Toolkit
  3. Indian Education Committee JOM Toolkit 
  4. JOM History and Background Toolkit 
  5. JOM Training Toolkit (forthcoming)
  6. Region 1 Toolkit
  7. Student Count Toolkit 
  8. State JOM Toolkit

JOM Contact Information - Tribes

Tribal Consultation Guide

Intergovernmental agreements and state-tribal compacts are one tool in promoting positive state-tribal relationships and fostering collaborative policy development.  There are many policy issues and aspects of Indian law that require a high degree of state-tribal cooperation.